What is a #SIMP?

What is a #SIMP?

Earlier this year I wrote about how nice guys are the worst. Anyone who as ever had one of these kinds of guys in their life knows exactly what I mean.

These emotionally manipulative men now have a new name – simp.

Simp was short for a silly or foolish person. But lately, it’s come to mean so much more.

Simps are the guys that we always friendzone. They are over the top supportive but they only really do it because they want something in return. That’s the emotional manipulation at play.

So now you know what a simp is. A man who goes overboard to cater to a woman, because he’s trying to get her attention. It’s a term meant to criticize or mock a man who because of his extra effort in being nice, feels entitled to a woman’s attention.


What is a #SIMP?

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